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Looking for a garden room or garden office? Look no further than Unique Outdoor Living Group. We are the leading supplier of outdoor structures in the Dorset area. Embracing the outdoor lifestyle is becoming more and more fashionable, especially with Garden Room (or Garden Cabin) buildings that fit a variety of spaces. These structures come in different sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate all properties. Not only can they enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal but also bring several advantages for you and your family! From outdoor parties in the summer to cosy nights in the winter, garden homes offer a unique outdoor living space for your family to enjoy all year round!


If you’re in Dorset and looking to enhance your outdoor living experience, Garden Rooms service is a perfect solution for you. Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, and Dorset is no exception. With the service, you can transform your garden into a functional and comfortable space to relax or work making our Garden Rooms service in Dorset definitely worth considering.


If you’re someone who loves to show off their creative side by customising and personalising your space, the design opportunities are limitless! We provide plenty of optional add-ons such as underfloor heating for added convenience. Also, when it comes to decorating, you have a vast array of choices at your disposal; wallpaper or paint your walls with the colours that make you feel most comfortable—just like in any home. Our team ensures that all these options meet the aesthetic vision in mind so you can enjoy something uniquely yours!

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Suited For All Properties

For homeowners who want to renovate or extend their homes, the fear of not being able to integrate new construction with an older aesthetic can be a significant source of anxiety. Particularly for those with a traditionally styled property, incorporating modern design elements into their existing space may seem intimidating and overwhelming. We have a variety of garden buildings that differ in exterior design, meaning that they are incredibly versatile and can suit every type of property.  The best part is even if you do not have a large-scale garden, there is still the option to have a garden room; you can discuss this further with our site surveyors and discuss your options.


Need more privacy and seclusion to relax or indulge in hobbies? Then why not try one of our custom-built garden rooms, which provide a private getaway that is completely separate from your home? Unlike an extension, these unique spaces will give you the much-needed space away from it all! When you are looking for somewhere to work, relax, or need extra space, a Unique Outdoor Living Group Garden Room can provide this much-needed space without worrying about moving or readjusting your life in any way.

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Suited For All Properties

Enjoying your outdoor space has never been easier, and the versatility of our maintenance-free garden rooms could be just what you and your family need.


Transform your outdoor area into the perfect private workplace with our stunning bespoke garden rooms. With so many of us working from home these days, a backyard retreat can help you concentrate without interruption or distraction – no more annoying commutes! A tranquil environment helps reduce stress, letting you work in peace as if those everyday frustrations were nothing but a distant memory.


A Garden Room enhances everyday living, using space already available in the garden. To date, we have constructed many Garden Rooms for various purposes, including home offices, home cinemas, teenagers’ rooms, art studios, bars, music rooms, home studios, and gyms.


We take great pride in our service, product, and after-sale support and are grateful for the number of positive testimonials received from previous customers.

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    Pricing & Finishes

    With your bespoke garden room you can truly personalise the building to suit your garden and your lifestyle. With a choice of many colours for your cladding, window and door frame colours, the choice is all yours.

    Roof Lines

    This contemporary roofline makes your garden room an unobtrusive and contemporary addition to any size of garden.

    Windows & Doors

    Supplied with high quality UPVC double glazed windows and doors in a variety of colours as standard. 28mm sealed units with low e-glass, manufactured to current building regulations with high specification security and environmental accreditation.

    Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, along with the freedom to add as little or as much glass as you like, where you like.

    Lights & Fittings

    The Garden Room is supplied with 4, 6, 8 flush ceiling mounted internal spotlights, light switches (rockers or dimmers) electric sockets and a fuse board, all ready for electrical connection.

    An external contemporary light is also included.

    Internal Finishes

    All Garden rooms are plastered finish to give a great look and feel to your garedn room wallls & ceilings. Each unit painted, providing a wipe clean surface!


    No matter what you plan to use your new space for there is a flooring option to suit, choose from:

     (1) 5 laminate flooring options for a modern and contemporary finish.

     (2) 5 Carpet colours for a warm and cosy interior.

     (3) A durable luxury wood effect vinyl for strength and easy maintenance.


    Garden rooms are supplied with a slimline, wall mounted, thermostatically controlled radiator.

    Unique Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios are completely hand built in your garden by our own team of professional installers. Anything from 5 days to 10 days for larger rooms.

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    Prices Excludes VAT:

    External Sizes 3M 3.5M 4M 4.5M 5M 5.5M 6M
    3M £12,429 £13,650 £15,160 £16,200 £17,250 £18,150 £18,900
    3.5M £13,650 £15,925 £17,500 £18,900 £20,120 £21,175 £22,050
    4M £15,160 £17,500 £20,000 £21,600 £23,000 £24,200 £25,200
    4.5M £16,200 £18,900 £21,600 £24,300 £25,875 £27,225 £28,350
    5M £17,250 £20,120 £23,000 £25,875 £28,750 £30,250 £31,500
    5.5M £18,150 £21,175 £24,200 £27,225 £30,250 X X
    6M £18,900 £22,050 £25,200 £28,350 £31,500 X X

    Price includes: Concrete Base*, EPDM Firestone Roof, Composite Cladding, Rockwool Insulated, Laminate flooring, Skirting boards, UPVC single, double or 2.3m patio sliding doors and unlimited double glazing, wall mounted radiator, 4,6,8 interior spotlights and rocker or dimmer switches, 4,6,8,10 electric sockets*, internal/External wiring and fuse board, an exterior lights x 2,4, 6*, guttering to rear, fully finished plastered & painted white.

    Optional Extras

    Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors, Air Condition Unit, CAT6 Wifi, Partition walls, Internal Doors,Composite Decking, Decorative Stone around Garden Room.

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    Latest Testimonials
    What Our Customers Say

    Following Storm Arwen they squeezed me in to their schedule really promptly to replace snapped wooden fencing posts for concrete posts and re aligned my border. Worked through all weather's to get the job done. Tidy, polite and efficient!

    Karina Gregory

    This company is so up to date on the latest regulations regarding balconies. I took months to decide which product and colour to go for and I am so happy with my choice. I have had so many comments from visitors. Mark and his team were so professional and polite and I highly recommend this Company.

    Kim Falcone

    We required fencing for our residential development. In response, Unique Outdoor Living Group provided a brilliant service, prompt, reliable and great workmanship. We would recommend these guys

    Phil Holdcroft

    One of the best garden rooms available and attention to detail is beyond normal. Bespoke from ground up and less expensive than similar

    Tony Short