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Understanding the Eco-Friendly Benefits of Aluminium Decking

Sustainable Housing

In today’s world, the shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable living solutions is more pronounced than ever. With increasing concerns over the environmental impact of housing materials, homeowners, architects, and builders are in constant search for materials that are both durable and environmentally friendly. Aluminium decking, specifically from leading brands like Alideck, offers just that.

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A New Age of Decking: Aluminium Over Traditional Wood

Traditional wooden decks, although timeless in appearance, come with an array of environmental concerns. From the impact of logging to the frequent need for chemical treatments to prolong their lifespan, the carbon footprint of wooden decks can be extensive.

Enter Aluminium Decking.


This robust solution presented by Unique Outdoor Living stands out for a variety of reasons. Aluminium, being abundant and 100% recyclable, ensures minimal ecological impact. Unlike wood, aluminium doesn’t require regular treatments with potentially harmful chemicals. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners searching for “Aluminium Decking near me”, especially those aiming to decrease their environmental footprint.


Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. When an aluminium deck reaches the end of its life – which would be significantly longer than that of a wooden deck – it can be recycled without any degradation in quality.


The longevity of aluminium decks means fewer replacements and, therefore, less consumption of resources over time.

Minimal Maintenance

No need for chemical treatments, varnishes or paints, which not only saves resources but also prevents chemicals from leaching into the environment.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium reflects heat, making it a cooler option during summer months. This can contribute to reduced energy costs.

Alideck: The Vanguard of Aluminium Balcony Decking

For those in the UK, Alideck has become synonymous with premium aluminium balcony decking. Balconies, especially those in urban areas, require materials that can withstand varying conditions. Alideck’s range ensures that city dwellers can enjoy their balcony spaces without the constant maintenance hassles or environmental concerns linked with other materials.

EWS1 Form and the Relevance to Aluminium Decking

The tragic Grenfell Tower disaster highlighted the importance of non-combustible materials in buildings. Consequently, the EWS1 Form emerged as a crucial regulation in the UK. It’s a certification that ensures building materials used, especially in structures taller than 18m, adhere to stringent fire safety standards.


But what's the significance of the EWS1 Form to aluminium decking?

  1. EWS1 Form Under 18m: Even if your building isn’t towering above the 18m mark, opting for materials that align with the EWS1 Form ensures safety and future-proofs your property. Aluminium decking, given its non-combustible nature, aligns perfectly with these safety standards.
  2. EWS1 Form Legal Requirement: Meeting legal obligations isn’t just about adherence; it’s about ensuring the safety of occupants. With Alideck and similar aluminium deck options, homeowners and builders can be confident in the material’s alignment with EWS1 Certificates, ensuring a safety-compliant deck or balcony.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your balcony decking adheres to rigorous safety standards offers invaluable peace of mind. Whether it’s a cosy evening with family or hosting friends, the last thing one should worry about is the safety of the materials underfoot.
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    In conclusion, the pivot towards sustainable and safe housing solutions is not just a trend but a necessity. Aluminium decking, especially from renowned brands like Alideck, offers the UK population a chance to enjoy their outdoor spaces responsibly. Unique Outdoor Living’s commitment to providing top-tier, eco-friendly solutions like this not only makes them a top choice for homeowners but also champions of a more sustainable, safer future.

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