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The Value of Professional Landscaping

Why It's Worth the Investment?

Do you look at your garden and see an untouched canvas of potential? It’s time to unlock that potential with the unparalleled service of Unique Outdoor Living Group, the leader in bespoke garden landscaping in Dorset and Poole. Our expertise has transformed numerous gardens into stunning outdoor living areas that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes but also significantly boost their value.


Living in Dorset and Poole offers the chance to enjoy Britain’s outstanding natural beauty. The charm of these locations can be accentuated when you create a unique, tailored outdoor living area, right in your garden. Garden landscaping, when done professionally, showcases the heart and soul of your home, rendering it a place of tranquillity and elegance.

Garden Landscaping Service

Garden Landscaping

Investing in professional garden landscaping with Unique Outdoor Living Group is more than just a pursuit of beauty – it’s a savvy financial decision too. A well-landscaped garden increases a property’s market value significantly. Recent research suggests that a beautifully landscaped garden can add as much as 20% to your property value. Your garden isn’t merely an outdoor space; it’s an investment with a remarkable return.


So why choose Unique Outdoor Living Group for your garden landscaping in Dorset and Poole? Our highly experienced team brings creativity, expertise, and a commitment to excellence to every project. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to transform any outdoor space into an exquisite living area, tailored to your needs and preferences.

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Tranquil Oasis

Whether you desire a tranquil oasis, a vibrant entertainment hub, or a family-friendly playground, we design outdoor living areas that blend seamlessly with the existing architecture of your home, further enhancing its appeal. We are dedicated to creating spaces that harmonise the outdoor beauty of Dorset and Poole with the personal character of your home, resulting in a truly unique garden.

About our Company

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach encompasses everything from the initial design to installation, ensuring a cohesive look and feel throughout your garden. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including planting schemes, patio and decking construction, water features, lighting design, and more.


We understand that every garden and homeowner is unique. Therefore, our designs are tailored to meet individual needs, complementing your lifestyle while enhancing the appeal of your home. For us, garden landscaping is not just about shaping the land. It’s about crafting an outdoor living area that serves as an extension of your indoor living space, providing you with the perfect setting to relax, entertain, and create lasting memories.

21st Century

Garden landscaping is also an excellent way to contribute positively to the environment. A well-maintained garden helps reduce carbon dioxide levels, improve air quality, and offer habitats for local wildlife. With climate change and environmental sustainability being pertinent issues, your investment in professional landscaping with Unique Outdoor Living Group can also be viewed as an investment in the future of our planet.


As we navigate our way through the 21st century, the importance of outdoor spaces cannot be overstated. As more people recognise this, the demand for professional garden landscaping in Dorset and Poole is set to increase. With Unique Outdoor Living Group, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that your home is not just beautiful and enjoyable, but also highly desirable and valuable.

Increased Property Value

Beyond the striking aesthetics and increased property value, investing in a professional garden landscaping also enhances the quality of your life. Imagine relaxing in a serene, beautifully designed garden after a long day’s work. Or perhaps hosting vibrant summer barbeques, with the stunning backdrop of your unique outdoor living area eliciting compliments from your guests. The outdoor living spaces we create offer an unparalleled blend of beauty and comfort, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.


Furthermore, an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor living area can significantly contribute to your physical and mental wellbeing. The simple act of strolling through your garden, immersed in the beauty of nature, can serve as a stress reliever. With the demands of modern life, having a tranquil space at your doorstep where you can unwind is a priceless benefit.

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Transform Your Garden With us!

Transform your garden into a unique outdoor living area with Unique Outdoor Living Group – because your home is more than a building, it’s a lifestyle. We are not just landscapers; we are artists and architects of extraordinary outdoor spaces that evoke the essence of Dorset and Poole’s beauty, tailored for you.


In a world where ‘unique’ is often overused, we ensure it retains its full meaning when applied to your garden. We invite you to experience this transformative journey with us, a journey that will see your garden metamorphose into an outdoor living area that is as unique as you. The value of professional landscaping is indeed worth the investment. Begin your journey with Unique Outdoor Living Group today. Together, we can create something exceptional.

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    Following Storm Arwen they squeezed me in to their schedule really promptly to replace snapped wooden fencing posts for concrete posts and re aligned my border. Worked through all weather's to get the job done. Tidy, polite and efficient!

    Karina Gregory

    This company is so up to date on the latest regulations regarding balconies. I took months to decide which product and colour to go for and I am so happy with my choice. I have had so many comments from visitors. Mark and his team were so professional and polite and I highly recommend this Company.

    Kim Falcone

    We required fencing for our residential development. In response, Unique Outdoor Living Group provided a brilliant service, prompt, reliable and great workmanship. We would recommend these guys

    Phil Holdcroft

    One of the best garden rooms available and attention to detail is beyond normal. Bespoke from ground up and less expensive than similar

    Tony Short