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The Top 5 Aluminium Decking Designs of 2023

The Top Picks of 2023

In the continually evolving world of exterior design, Unique Outdoor Living Group has constantly been a frontrunner, steering ahead with innovative and sustainable solutions. This year, we have curated the top 5 aluminium decking designs that are not only trendsetters but also adhere strictly to the safety protocols accentuated in the EWS1 Forms. Without further ado, let’s delve into the aluminium deck masterpieces that epitomise luxury, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

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The Urban Oasis

For the metropolitan soul yearning for a hint of green amidst the concrete jungle, the ‘Urban Oasis’ aluminium decking design offers an immaculate blend of modernity and nature. By amalgamating sleek aluminium deck profiles with natural elements like integrated planters, this design facilitates a perfect balcony decking space. The utilisation of fire-resistant materials ensures it meets the stringent EWS1 form legal requirement, promoting safety without compromising on style.

The Skyline Retreat

Witness a transformation as your balcony turns into a retreat overseeing the city skyline. The ‘Skyline Retreat’ aluminium deck design leverages the lightweight yet robust nature of aluminium to create multi-level decking spaces that are both luxurious and safe. Special attention has been given to adhere to EWS1 form stipulations, particularly for structures under 18m, to guarantee a decking area that is as secure as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The Garden Mirage

Unveiling a design that is a marvel in the aluminium decking portfolio of 2023, ‘The Garden Mirage’ design involves intertwined walkways adorned with lush greenery and artistic installations. Not just a visual treat, this design takes a notch higher with EWS1 certificates, ensuring the incorporation of fire-safe materials, giving homeowners a peace of mind alongside an enthralling outdoor experience.

The Waterfront Elegance

Bearing a hallmark of sophistication, the ‘Waterfront Elegance’ invites you to a balcony decking experience that is tranquil and classy. Picture a serene water feature intertwined in the decking, offering a tranquil space to unwind. The design strictly adheres to EWS1 forms, representing a hallmark of safety and compliance alongside an undeniably elegant aesthetic.

The Contemporary Haven

The ‘Contemporary Haven’ aluminium deck design is a testimony to the seamless blend of contemporary art and functionality. Decking pathways interspersed with modern art installations invoke a sense of modernity and sophistication. Moreover, the meticulous adherence to EWS1 form requirements guarantees a decking space that stands tall in safety parameters, establishing a haven in the true sense.

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Innovation Married with Safety

In a landscape where innovation meets safety, the EWS1 forms act as a benchmark, accentuating the safety norms to be adhered to in every project undertaken. Every aluminium decking and balcony decking project we undertake is synonymous with compliance, safety, and innovation, promising not just an aluminium deck but a secure outdoor extension to your living space.

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    As we stand on the threshold of an exciting era in aluminium decking designs, the Unique Outdoor Living Group is proud to present designs that resonate with luxury, aesthetic appeal, and unparalleled safety. By diligently abiding by EWS1 forms and legal requirements, we promise creations that are not just visually sumptuous but also a fortress of safety.


    In the end, what we offer is not just an aluminium deck but a secure, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable future, woven intricately with elements of safety and compliance, giving a whole new dimension to outdoor living spaces.


    Embarking on a journey with us means stepping into a world where every aluminium decking aspiration meets reality, bounded by the confines of stringent safety measures, offering a living experience that is both rich and secure.

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