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The Non-Slip Properties of Aluminium Decking

Why Unique Outdoor Living Group is the UK's Best Choice

The modern homeowner seeks both style and safety when it comes to outdoor spaces. In the realm of balcony decking, aluminium stands out as the material of choice for many discerning customers. As a leading name in this field, Unique Outdoor Living Group understands the evolving needs of its clientele, championing the use of aluminium decking in the UK. In this blog, we’ll delve into the non-slip properties of aluminium deck and why it’s such a game-changer in the decking world.

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The Ultimate Solution for Safety and Style

At the heart of any balcony decking decision is a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Aluminium decking not only exudes a sleek, modern look but is also famed for its non-slip properties. This ensures that even during the UK’s notorious wet seasons, homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the worry of potential slips or falls.

How Aluminium Decks Champion Non-Slip Properties

The inherent non-slip quality of aluminium decks arises from their unique surface design. Aluminium decking panels often come with intricate patterns or textured finishes. These designs are not just about aesthetics – they provide that vital grip underfoot, reducing the risk of slips and making them ideal for all weather conditions.

Moreover, aluminium doesn’t absorb water, eliminating the chances of mould or algae growth – common culprits that make wooden or other types of decks slippery.

Why Balcony Decking Benefits Most from Aluminium

For those with elevated spaces, such as balconies or raised terraces, safety is paramount. A slip from such a height could have serious consequences. Hence, balcony decking demands materials that can offer utmost security. Aluminium decks, with their non-slip properties, fit this bill perfectly, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy their elevated views with peace of mind.

EWS1 Form and Aluminium Decking: A Safe Bet

The EWS1 Form has become an essential consideration for homeowners and property developers in the UK. This form, particularly the EWS1 Form under 18m category, is a legal requirement that attests to the fire safety of external wall systems. With increasing scrutiny over building materials post-Grenfell, the assurance that aluminium decking offers in terms of fire safety is unmatched.

Unique Outdoor Living Group’s aluminium decking solutions are compliant with EWS1 Certificates, ensuring that homeowners aren’t just investing in a slip-free solution but also a fire-safe one.

The Legal Implications of EWS1 Forms

It’s imperative to understand that EWS1 Forms have become a pivotal legal requirement in the UK’s property landscape. These forms are a testament to the safety of a building’s external walls, especially in buildings above 18m. However, the significance of EWS1 Form under 18m is also rising. With a material like aluminium, which is renowned for its non-combustibility, homeowners and developers can navigate the legal landscape with ease.

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Aluminium decking has firmly established itself as the preferred choice for modern homeowners, and for good reasons. Its non-slip properties, coupled with its compliance with EWS1 Certificates, make it an unbeatable option for those seeking both style and safety. With experts like Unique Outdoor Living Group at the helm, UK residents can rest assured that their decking needs are in the most capable hands.

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