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Navigating the Garden Room Process

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Are you considering enhancing your outdoor living experience by adding a garden room to your property? The idea of a garden room has gained popularity in recent years, with homeowners realising the potential benefits of having a versatile, stylish, and functional space. However, before you can enjoy the numerous advantages of garden rooms, you must first navigate the complex world of planning permission and building regulations. In this blog, we will delve into these essential aspects, guiding you through the process of obtaining the necessary approvals for your dream garden room.

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Planning Permission: What You Need to Know

Planning permission is a vital consideration when it comes to constructing any new building or extending your home. It is a legal requirement designed to ensure that any development carried out within a local authority’s jurisdiction complies with the established planning policies and guidelines.


In most cases, garden rooms fall under the category of “permitted development,” which means you do not need to apply for planning permission. This is because they are considered a form of outdoor living space with minimal impact on the surrounding area. However, there are certain conditions that must be met to qualify for permitted development, including:



  • The garden room must not cover more than 50% of your property's total land, including any other outbuildings, extensions, and sheds.
  • The maximum height of the garden room should not exceed 2.5 meters if it is within 2 meters of a boundary, or 4 meters if it is further away.
  • The garden room should not be used as a separate dwelling or for commercial purposes.

Building Regulations: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Building regulations are a separate set of requirements that apply to the construction of any new building, extension, or significant alteration to an existing structure. These regulations are in place to ensure that all buildings meet minimum standards for safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, and sustainability.


For most garden rooms, building regulations approval is not required, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The internal floor area of the garden room is less than 15 square meters.
  2. The garden room is at least one meter away from any boundary, or is constructed using substantially non-combustible materials.
  3. The garden room does not include sleeping accommodations.


However, if your garden room does not meet these criteria or if it will be connected to your main property, you will need to comply with building regulations. This may involve submitting a building notice or a full plans application to your local authority, depending on the complexity of your project. A building control officer will then assess your plans and carry out site inspections to ensure that your garden room is constructed in accordance with the regulations.

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