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Maintenance Tips for Your Aluminium Decking

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For those living in the picturesque surroundings of Poole and Dorset, a well-maintained outdoor space is a treasure. Unique Outdoor Living Group, a prominent name in the UK, understands this and brings to you top-tier solutions for Aluminium Decking. For homeowners and businesses alike, aluminium decking offers durability, aesthetics, and the peace of mind that comes with EWS1 Certificates. Here’s a comprehensive guide to maintain your aluminium deck to its finest condition.

Aluminium Decking

Regular Cleaning

Aluminium, though resilient, thrives when cleaned regularly. For Aluminium Decking, especially brands like Alideck, a simple hose down can effectively remove dirt and debris. Use a soft brush or mop and mild detergent to address any stubborn stains. It’s essential to remember that while aluminium does not corrode like traditional metals, pollutants can still accumulate, affecting its sheen.

Addressing Scratches

While Aluminium Deck is sturdy, it isn’t entirely resistant to scratches. Light scratches can be addressed using non-abrasive pads. If the scratch is deeper, consider consulting experts or the team at Unique Outdoor Living Group for the best remedy.

Optimal Drainage

A common issue, especially in the rainy season of Dorset, is water pooling. Ensuring proper drainage can go a long way in preventing this. Periodic checks and a slight slope in the deck design can aid in keeping your Balcony Decking in pristine condition.

Check Fixtures and Fittings

Over time, the screws and fittings on your Aluminium Deck might loosen. Regularly inspect and tighten them. However, avoid over-tightening as it might damage the deck boards.

EWS1 Form - The Assurance of Safety

One of the significant advantages of opting for Aluminium Decking solutions like Alideck is the compliance with EWS1 Forms, especially the EWS1 Form under 18m. Regular inspections and maintenance not only keep your deck aesthetically appealing but also ensure its continued compliance with EWS1 Form legal requirements.

The Importance of EWS1 Certificates

For properties with Balcony Decking, the EWS1 Certificates are a testament to safety, particularly in high-rises. The certification ensures that the materials used, including Aluminium Deck, adhere to the strict fire safety norms. As part of your maintenance routine, always keep a copy of the EWS1 Form and Certificate. If you have queries or need a re-evaluation, the professionals at Unique Outdoor Living Group are just a call away.

Sealant Checks

If your Aluminium Decking has been sealed, ensure the sealant is in good condition. Over time, it might wear off. A fresh application will keep the deck protected against elements, ensuring longevity.

Furniture and Heavy Objects

While aluminium is robust, dragging heavy furniture or objects can cause dents or scratches. It’s advisable to lift objects instead of dragging them across the deck. Consider using protective mats or pads under furniture legs for additional protection.

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    The beauty of Aluminium Decking lies not just in its contemporary aesthetics but also in its minimal maintenance needs. By following the above guidelines and understanding the significance of EWS1 Forms and Certificates, homeowners in Poole and Dorset can ensure their outdoor spaces remain beautiful, safe, and durable for years to come. The Unique Outdoor Living Group is always at your service to guide, assist, and transform your outdoors with unparalleled expertise.

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