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A Step-by-Step Aluminium Decking Installation

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Welcome to another blog post from the trusted name in the UK home improvement landscape, the Unique Outdoor Living Group. Today, we bring to you the ultimate step-by-step installation guide to our cutting-edge aluminium decking solutions. Focused on bringing durability, style, and convenience to your doorstep, we are here to guide you at every step of your decking journey.

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Introduction to Aluminium Decking

Gone are the days of traditional wood decking, which demands high maintenance and is prone to rotting. Step into the future with aluminium deck solutions that promise durability and a polished look, fitting seamlessly into contemporary architectural designs.

Aluminium Decking

Consultation and Planning

Start with a consultation where our experts will assess your space, taking note of all the specific needs and requirements. This phase encompasses strategic planning where the architectural vision comes to life, taking into consideration all necessary regulatory forms including EWS1 forms.

Site Preparation

This step involves readying your site for the new deck. It includes removing the existing decking or clearing the space, ensuring a stable foundation for the aluminium decking.

Foundation and Framing

Aluminium decking requires a robust and sturdy frame. We employ high-quality materials to create a frame that guarantees stability and longevity.

Decking Installation

With a sound foundation in place, the decking installers move towards laying the aluminium deck boards meticulously, ensuring precision and adherence to the design blueprint.

Understanding EWS1 Forms

A substantial part of the pre-installation process is understanding and navigating the landscape of EWS1 forms, a legal requirement for buildings above 18 meters. Let us delve into this requisite to provide clarity:

  1. EWS1 Form Legal RequirementIf your building is above 18 meters, it is a legal requirement to obtain EWS1 forms, certifying the materials used are safe and compliant with fire safety regulations.
  2. EWS1 Form under 18mThough not a legal requirement, it is strongly recommended for buildings under 18 meters to also secure EWS1 certificates, promising a secure and safe decking solution.
  3. EWS1 CertificatesThese are documents that certify your decking materials as safe. It bears testament to the superior quality of materials employed in Unique Outdoor Living Group’s aluminium decking solutions.
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    For those pondering over balcony decking solutions, our aluminium decking breathes life into your balconies, providing a seamless extension to your living space, promising durability, and modernity, wrapped in elegance.

    Embarking on your journey to install aluminium decking with Unique Outdoor Living Group guarantees not just a deck but a lifelong investment in quality, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Reach out to us to begin this transformative journey to redefine your outdoor living space.

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